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Welcome to Phoenix Produce Company where we sell e-bikes.

Who we are    what we sell   and Service?

hoenix electric bike has been in business since 2006 in Downtown Phoenix Arizona.   We sell and service our e-bikes at the best prices of any.  What is an e-bike?  E stands for Electric.  E-bike is an Electric bicycle and you can pedal too.  The e-bike is manufactured in China.  We have imported the e-bike since 2006.  We are well established in Phoenix ,Arizona.  WATCH for a NEW VIDEO soon March 2019

  2020 models arrived March 2020 . Even a 3 wheel trike with a light LITHIUM battery. 

     Check them out soon !  Maybe October will bring 2020 E-Bikes

     2021 We have some Lithium battery upgrades. Ask about that option.  

      What will new E-bikes have?  


We have a new 2023model. Made on the USA Texas

Light weight

Lithium battery

Fast 2-3 hour charging.

Fully assembled and tested.


Phoenix Electric Bike shop 522 South Central Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85004.  602-252-4881  9-5 p.m MST    Mon-Sat. Closed on Sunday, Downtown Phoenix

What is an e-bike?

Our shop is going green.  These electric bicycles have a purpose for the public awareness as an alternative transportation.  These are motorized electric bikes, you can also peddle.  The maximum speed is 20 mph.  We carry a 48 volt rechargeable battery e-bikes.  The battery is a 12 volt, 12 amp hour, rechargeable battery.     

  The 48 volt battery can travel 30 to 37 miles distance.  There are many features added on the e-bikes such as  household 110 volt charger, two sets of remote controls, two sets of keys, shock absorbent front wheel, calibrated brake drum, left and right brakes, front basket, two mud guards, passenger's foot rest, back rack,  alarm system, security lock wheels, loud horn, turn signals with sound , LED head lights, left and right peddle, 350 watt motor,kick stand, 2 colors (blue, red), 22 inch durable strength rubber wheels, removeable battery case charger, 330 lbs weight maximum.  The battery case is a convenient way to charge upstairs or in the work office.  You can commute to work, school, camping, shopping or anywhere.  The money you invest in an e-bike can save you money on gasoline.  It doesn't pollute the air.  It travels very smooth with no sound.  It's environmental friendly. The e-bike can be  peddle as a bike.  It also can go on steep hills.   We are by far the cheapest in the nation.  We cut out the middleman in order to give a bargain price.  No license or insurance required. There is no obligation to purchase, stop by the shop and take a free test ride on the parking lot.  If you have any questions, please call us anytime during business hours.  We were featured on Channel 3, 12, and 15 news, blogs, and ASU state press newspaper. 

See the e-bikes!


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