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Frequently Asked Questions


2013 Models are now in stock August 2013

Can you ride this on the street?  The e-bike law is the same as a regular bicycle. 

Does the new 2010 IRS bicycle tax incentive apply to E-Bikes. ? YES, check with your tax specialist but an E-Bike is a bicycle and in 2010 you can now claim the purchase price and $20 a month when you use it to commute to work most of the time that month. See the IRS website and search for bicycle ! 

Where do I find spare parts?  We carry all parts in our shop. 

What maintenance do I need for the e-bike?  There is very little maintenance.  Where can I get service if I need repairs?  Not only do we sale bikes, we have e-bike mechanic specialists on the premises.  Repairs are very inexpensive.  Customers are very happy with our repair services. Make sure don't let the battery drain out completely.  We recommend charging it on a regular bases, it only take a few minutes if you didn't ride. 

Where do I plug the battery charger in?  You plug the battery charger first in the battery case and into the household standard 120 volt AC outlet wall. 

How long does it take to charge up the battery?  It takes from 20 minutes to 3 hours to charge and depends on how far you rode! 

How long does the battery last until I need to replace it?  These are brand new batteries.  It should last two years and beyond that is up to the individual who uses it often.The lithium maybe be 10 years ! 

How fast can these e-bikes go?  The speed is 20 mph.  Can't it go any faster?  No

 Don't you have any other e-bikes will go even farther distance?  You might consider getting a 60 volt this year. 

The 60 volt has 5 batteries.  It can go as far as 40-47 miles distance on one charge. 

How much does cost to charge up batteries?  It cost you from 2 cents to 10 cents a day to charge up the battery, depends on how far you rode.

Where can I get batteries?  You can get it anywhere in the city.  We carry it. 2011

12v 12amp cost $45.   price may vary
12v 20 amp cost $49.

Will the e-bike last a long time?  These e-bikes are durable and will last a very long time.  There is very little repair needed if you care for the e-bikes.  We have many satisfied customers. 

How much weight can I put on the e-bike?  The maximum weight is 330 lbs.  You can have another lighter person sitting in the back of the e-bike.  There is a foot rest near the peddle.  Can I peddle? Yes, it is a bike.  Can it go on steep hills?  Yes  Can I buy another battery case?  Yes, it cost about $30.  Can I buy another charger? Yes, it cost about $25. Do you sell tubes?  Yes, about  $5.and tires if needed. We sell lots of parts for the e-bikes. You can pick it up or we can mail it to you.  What age group buys these e-bikes?  I have college students to senior citizen purchase it. PRICES MAY VARY call for todays price.

  How come these e-bikes look feminine?  These are unisex e-bikes.  The basket can be removed,it's an option.  Can I put the e-bike on the bus rack? Yes, SOME BUS DRIVERS are picky, be polite and you should be ok.  but it's a bit heavy compared to a regular bike.  You can also put it in the light rail.  What if I live on the  third floor in an apartment, how do I charge the e-bike?  The battery case can be removed with the key. You can bring the battery case up to the apartment to charge without trying to carry the e-bike. 

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