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E-bike How to items

HOW TO CHARGE YOUR E-BIKE- Just connect the charger to the E-bike battery pack, then plu the charger into any normal house hold 120 volt outley.

It only pulls about 1 amp so any outlet can handle it.

Always charge as soon after a ride as you can to help keep the batteries happy. If you don't ride for a few days plug it in just to keep the batteries up. It should only take a few minutes.

A full charge may take 3-4 hours. Perfect for while you are sleeping.

You can even bring the battery pack inside to keep it cooler and not have it outside in the rain. PS- Be careful  riding with the charger in your basket or on the bike. We have heard of a few that failed with all the hard bumps. It's best to keep it at home and get a second one for work or anyplace you go to often. Then they stay save and soild at one place.

Never get the charger wet or stop it's airflow. It has a small fan to keep cool.


HOW TO REMOVE YOUR BATTERY PACK- It's easy and safe to remove your battery pack. Just insert your key and push and turn it back toward you.

Then lift the handle and pull the pack up and out part way. Rest it so you can reach down and unplug the power cable from the bottom of the pack.

Now you can lay it down and charge it with your battery charger anyplace that is easy for you.

TO REPLACE IT- Just set it on the foot rest , plug in the bottom cable, then gently slide it back in place. Be sure your key can turn the bike on and off. If not you may not have it seated back in place completely. Gently wiggle the pack until it seats and clips back in place.


LEFT SIDE are for the BLINKERS at the top, Then the lights and the green button is the horn.

RIGHT SIDE- Is the green button for the 3 speeds which will be indicated with a light on the dash. The left speed light is for Hill, the center of efficiency and right for speed .Also the twist speed throttle.

Always try these before you ride so you know where they are and what they do.


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